Janina Santamarina (*1986) aka Janina Trienekens is a sculptor from Nettetal, Germany. She studied History of Art and Object- and Spacedesign in the Ruhr Area, was engaged in several performance projects and open studios, where she experimented with different forms of social art and design. For a decade she is working in Museums, such as the International Centre for Light Art in Unna or currently the Ernst Barlach Haus in Hamburg, where she is  an art educator on a theoretical and practical level.

Since 2015 she lives in Hamburg, exhibits in the off-space-scene or directly on the streets in an urban context. Her main features are softplastics, softsculptures, collages and installations, that are usually made in an intuitive art-brut-way. Her materials range from plasticbags, tights, old clothes to eggshells, always searching for the borders of each substance.



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